Tennessee Tech University: Volpe Library

RockCity served as Tennessee Tech’s building partner for interior renovations to Volpe Library, a hub for studying, research, help, tutoring and testing.

The project, which enhances the Testing and Learning Center, has expanded the space on the first floor of the Angelo and Jennette Volpe Library to accommodate 60 testing stations and lockers, 41 computer stations, 19 pencil and paper stations and three small testing rooms. The scope of work also included creating offices, classrooms and a conditioned document space under an existing library.

The utmost attention was paid to working harmoniously within the operational space including quiet time during exam week. First imagined in 2016, the renovations were completed in 2019 Funds for the project were provided by Tech, the Angelo and Jennette Volpe Library Support Endowment, and Friends of the Library.


Tennessee Tech University

Architect / Engineer

Upland Design Group


General Contractor


Cookeville, TN