In the late 1800’s Nashville, Tennessee came to be called “Rock City” due to the solid limestone strata underlying the city and the solid character of its business people. In 1913, three businessmen, J.W.N. Lee, G.B. Howard and H.S. Sumner selected this name for their new construction firm, hence founding Rock City Construction. In 1923, Mr. Lee took full ownership of the firm. Their early work focused on residential commissions, modest commercial projects and renovations.

J.W.N. Lee II, Founder
J.W.N. Lee III
John N. Lee

During the 1920’s and 30’s, the firm expanded into the industrial and institutional markets. In 1931, the State of Tennessee began issuing contractor licenses and RockCity proudly received the State’s second license, and to this day, still holds Tennessee Contractor’s License #2.

RockCity continues its growth and evolution in the 21st century. We have added many projects to our portfolio including libraries, schools, athletic facilities and historic renovations. We continue to fortify our team with highly-experienced and dedicated professionals. Our team has earned numerous awards for project performance and our commitment to high safety standards.