Our greatest reward is a job well done, regardless of the assignment or the visibility of the results.

RockCity holds Tennessee Contractor’s License #2, the oldest active license in the State. We perform under many contract types and delivery systems including general contracting, construction management and design/build.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, we provide project management and field supervision. We typically self-perform approximately 30% of the scope of work including carpentry and concrete work, and the installation of frames, doors, hardware and some specialty items. All other trade work is contracted to properly-licensed and expertly-qualified trade contracting firms.

Under this contract format, the owner holds a contract with the architect and a separate contract with the general contractor. Construction documents are typically prepared before selection of the general contractor. There are several contract formats applicable to the owner-contractor relationship including lump sum, cost plus fee and maximum guaranteed cost plus fee.

Construction Management

As construction manager, our team provides extensive preconstruction services during the design phase. We then transition into construction phase management that includes most aspects of general contracting except often limiting self performance to 3% or less of the contract value.

In construction management, the contract structure between the owner, architect and contractor is similar to general contracting. However, the contractor is involved much earlier in the planning process, providing preconstruction services during the design phase, then leading the trade bidding process when construction documents are complete.


The design/build delivery method is inherently collaborative, encourages innovation and is often able to achieve a compressed schedule. Under this method, one entity drives the flow of work from concept to completion. The owner holds a single contract with the design/build team (architect + contractor) who work together to provide unified recommendations to satisfy the owner’s schedule and budget. RockCity is often selected as the lead in the design/build entity and is therefore responsible for managing the design team and serving as the single source of responsibility. In this scenario, the construction team is united with the design team by common goals and constant collaboration. By leveraging construction expertise during the design phase, the team maximizes resources, optimizes quality and minimizes changes.


Every project, regardless of the size or scope, has specific objectives, special nuances and unique challenges. That’s why preconstruction is such an important part of the building process.  RockCity offers preconstruction as a stand alone service which could include budgeting, schedule forecasting, preliminary logistics and value engineering services.

Our preconstruction process is collaborative, iterative and laser-focused on providing our clients with the most accurate data to inform the decisions that affect their building program. The results of RockCity’s preconstruction efforts ensure owners receive the most value for their program dollar.