Our Commitment

RockCity’s success lies in understanding what matters most and honoring it. To that point, RockCity believes in the importance of making the construction industry more diverse and inclusive and is committed to providing equity for those under-served and under-represented. People are our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to fostering a corporate culture that embraces diversity and supports inclusion among people, projects and communities. The focus of our efforts is to cultivate an environment that makes space for and supports all people.

Our Responsibility

RockCity applauds our industry’s progress toward making the built world more equitable and welcoming to all, but we know there is more work to be done. Inspired by our clients, we have taken a humble approach and asked ourselves, “what should we be doing to help create more accessible and representative space for all?” For us, this means we take responsibility on every level, from the individual to the organization. This includes how and what we construct for our clients. By examining and adjusting our own culture first, we are better able to support our staff, promote these values for our clients and provide positive influence in the marketplace. This is our springboard to creating meaningful change in our industry and the world.